07/06/2019 By admin

Welcome to the new East Coast Ranchu auctions site! This post will cover disclaimers and a general status of the auctions site in its current state.


Please make sure to contact Cynthia before making any orders, as in the current state of the website, shipping rates are not exactly correct.


Payment is available by means of Paypal or a Credit/Debit card, courtesy of Stripe.

Updates and Management

The website is structured in WordPress, so updates for the WordPress base install and additional plugins/themes will be installed regularly and when available, the site will be actively managed as well.


Auctions are manually added and function similarly to EBay auctions, that is to say that auctions will have both a bid option and a ‘buy it now’ option, on top of a plethora of other features

Best regards,

Colin Smith, Contracted Web Developer and Manager